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{:en}New in Biel / Bienne{:}{:fr}Nouveau à Bienne{:}{:de}New in Biel{:}

{:en}English classes for adults, teenagers and children.{:}{:fr}Cours d'anglais pour adultes, ados et enfants{:}{:de}Englisch Kurse für alle{:}

English classes for adults, teenagers and children.

You want to travel and feel comfortable finding your around?

You need to pass the first certificate exam?

You want to improve your English for business?

You enjoy practising English?

You need help to keep up with English lessons in school?

I love English can help you achieve your goal.


Get tailored lessons that will fullfil your needs! Travel Conversation Business basics


Let your kids learn English while having lots of fun! Play, dance, sing, craftworks,…

Cambridge Certificate

Get prepared specifically for your Cambridge Certificate exams!

{:en}About me{:}{:fr}qui suis-je{:}

{:en}Why I teach English?{:}{:fr}Pourquoi l'anglais{:}

I fell in love with English about 30 years ago, when I took my first English classes with Big Bird and his friends. My family was about to move to United States at the time, so I was introduced to a few English skills before landing in this new country. We stayed for two years, and ever since, I have kept a "special relationship" with the English language. To me, English is lively, encouraging, dynamic, positive... It was a very powerful "motivator" for me during my gymnastics career. Expressions like "Go for it!", "Show them what you've got", or "God job ladies" just does not sound the same in French... It gave me the extra kick that would boost my performance. But most of all, English brings me a feeling of freedom. * Freedom to go anywhere and to be capable of finding my way around, to communicate with people from all over the world. * Freedom to access information on the Internet and to watch movies in their original version. * Freedom to express things in a way that is not possible in my mother tongue. I would like to pass on that feeling to people who want to learn English.

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Pascale Gilomen

Certified Cambridge CELTA Teacher

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